5 Refreshing Mocktail Recipes | Easy Non-Alcoholic Drinks

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If you’re curious how to make mocktail at home, look no further. Then you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best 5 homemade non-alcoholic drink beverage recipes. We came up with an easy homemade recipe that also helps you for weight loss and glowing skin.

1. Orange Mojito

sparkling summer mocktail

Orange Mojito is a mouthwatering and refreshing mocktail with nutritional value. It’s a great immune booster because it contains Vitamin C. Another benefit of this drink is that the combination of mint and lime juice may aid with digestion. If you drink it every morning, you will have glowing skin and a healthy weight loss. It’s a truly delightful summer beverage. It’s a drink to have before a meal. Citrus fruits are vital for our cardiovascular health. Moreover, mint, lime and orange are excellent detoxifiers. They prevent all toxins from our bodies. Mint, along with lime having a pleasant odour. This drink hydrates the body. It soothes us and relieves stress. It helps to lower blood pressure. This drink helps weight loss by using honey instead of sugar.


  1. 120 ml Orange juice
  2. 70 ml Liquid soda
  3. 1/2 Orange
  4. 1/2 Lemon
  5. 1 teaspoon sugar syrup or honey
  6. 2 springs mint leaves
  7. Ice cubes

How to Make

  1. Firstly, take a cocktail shaker, add orange chunks, mint leaves and lemon wedges to make an orange mojito.
  2. Later, Muddle them gently with muddler. Now, shake all of the ingredients together.
  3. Thereafter, fill the shaker with orange juice and ice cubes. Then add sugar syrup or honey as per your preference.
  4. Next shake all of the ingredients again and then pour into a tall glass.
  5. Lastly, add the liquid soda and serve cold.
  6. Serve immediately and enjoy your refreshing orange mojito mocktail!

2. Cucumber Lemonade

Cucumber Lemonade Mocktail

Cucumber Lemonade Mocktail is a high fiber content promotes a healthy gut. Lime cucumber water has a lot of vitamin c, antioxidants and silica. It is an anti-aging aid. It removes toxins from your body. Cucumber may also aid in getting rid of acne. Cucumber lemonade alkalinizes the body and clear the skin. It helps healing and may encourage you to drink more water. It also improves digestion. Increases immunity and keeps you hydrated. It also helps in the control of weight loss. Helps in the detoxification of the body.


  1. 2 medium cucumbers
  2. 1 bunch of fresh mint leaves
  3. 1/2 cup lime juice
  4. 2 teaspoon chia seeds soaked in water
  5. Honey according to your taste
  6. 5 ice cubes
  7. 1 and 1/2 glass water

How to Make

  1. Firstly, peel and chop the cucumbers into pieces.
  2. Then remove mint leaves from steam and wash them.
  3. Later, blend cucumber, mint leaves, honey, and lime juice.
  4. Finally, strain the mixture.
  5. Now it’s time to add water and ice cubes.Then mix it well.
  6. Lastly, Pour into a glass and top with soaked chia seeds.

3. Watermelon Mojito

Juicy watermelon, lime with a kick, and mint come together in the delicious and fresh drink known as the watermelon mojito. Watermelon juice is a great source of energy. Vitamin B6 and magnesium contain dopamine, which fuels the energy cells. A drink of watermelon juice can help you overcome weakness. Watermelon juice is beneficial for kidney stones. It cleanses your liver and aids in the removal of toxins from your kidneys.
It’s also helpful for your eyesight. Lowers body fat. When mixed with honey, it protects against infections and allergies. Keeps the skin moisturized and hydrated.


  1. 1/2 Watermelon in cubes
  2. 1/2 teaspoon sliced ginger
  3. Small handful of mint leaves
  4. 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  5. Honey
  6. Ice cubes
  7. Salt
  8. Black pepper powder

How to Make

  1. Firstly, In a blender or mixer, add watermelon cubes, sliced ginger, and mint leaves.
    Depending on your preference, add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Then blend it again after adding half a glass of water.
  2. Then, add salt and a pinch of black pepper powder to taste. You can also use chaat masala or amchur powder if desired.
  3. Finally, add honey according to your preference. and then add the liquid soda.
  4. Afterwards, Pour the watermelon juice into a tall glass and top with ice cubes.
  5. Finally, garnish with fresh mint leaves and serve immediately. Enjoy!

4. Mango Lemonade

Mango lemonade

Mango lemonade is a delicious and refreshing mocktail that combines the tropical flavors of mango with the tanginess of lemon. This summer favorite is high in vitamin C, flavonoids, and phytochemicals, which promote health and wellness. One glass of mango juice contains an enormous amount of minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, selenium, and sodium. It may lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and high blood pressure. It aids in the reduction of cholesterol levels. It’s beneficial for your eyes. Excellent for skin clearing.


  1. 1 cup mango of pulp
  2. 1 mango peeled & sliced
  3. Lemon juice
  4. Salt
  5. Mint leaves
  6. Liquid soda
  7. Water

How to Make

  1. To begin with mango lemonade, peel 1 mango and mix in a blender or smoothie maker.
  2. Take another mango and cut it into small cubes.
  3. After that pour one glass with mango pulp, add salt and honey to taste. Now carefully blend everything.
  4. Stir in freshly squeezed lime juice. then add half a cup of water and mix well.
  5. Once mixing it well add some mango chunks and liquid soda to it.
  6. Just before serving, add some ice cubes and pour the chilled mango lemonade into a glass.
  7. Finally, to impress your guests, garnish with fresh mint leaves and lime wedges.

5. Pineapple Mojito


Another tempting and tropical mocktail is the pineapple mojito, which combines the sweetness of pineapple with the cooling flavours of lime and mint. Pineapple juice contains a variety of vitamins and minerals that might help enhance your immunity. Pineapple juice is also high in beta carotene and vitamin A. These antioxidants support healthy skin, heal wounds, and may slow the ageing process of the skin. Pineapple juice may lower your risk of eyesight loss. This juice contains bromelain, an enzyme that activates your body’s ability to fight discomfort and reduce swelling.


  1. Half bowl pineapple chunks
  2. 1 glass of pineapple juice
  3. 1 lemon cutting in pieces
  4. Mint leaves
  5. Honey
  6. Ice cubes
  7. Liquid soda

How to Make

  1. Firstly, take a pineapple chunks in separate bowl. Then add the lime slices and mint leaves. Gently muddle everything with a muddler.
  2. Next, take one glass and pour this mixture into it. & then add ice cubes.
  3. Afterwards, add fresh mint leaves and honey to taste.
  4. Later, pour  the pineapple juice in tall glass and stir thoroughly with a spoon.
  5. Finally, add the liquid soda and garnish with pineapple slices before serving.


You can adjust the sweetness and tartness of the mocktail by adding more or less sugar and lime juice according to your taste preference. Feel free to experiment with different variations, such as adding a splash of lemon juice or a dash of ginger syrup for added flavor dimensions.


What is mocktail virgin?

Mocktail virgin means simply a non-alcoholic beverage. In this usage, the term “virgin” refers to a drink that contains no alcohol. Mocktails are frequently prepared drinks that look like the flavours and presentation of alcoholic cocktails but do not contain any kind of alcohol. It made up of different combinations of juices, sodas, syrups, and garnishes, resulting in refreshing and tasty beverages that do not include alcohol. Mocktails are popular alternatives for people who do not drink alcohol.

What is the basic mocktail formula?

A base, flavours, sweeteners, acids, and garnishes are the basic ingredients of a mocktail. Here is a breakdown of each component:

  • Base: The foundation of a mocktail is typically made up of a base, which is a mixture of non-alcoholic liquids. Fruit juices (such as orange juice, cranberry juice, or pineapple juice), soda water, tonic water, or flavoured syrups are popular foundation components.
  • Flavours: Flavours are added to the mocktail to improve its taste. Fresh fruits (muddled or pureed), herbs (such as mint or basil), and extracts (such as vanilla or almond) are examples of such items. These elements give the drink depth and intricacy.
  • Sweeteners: Sweeteners are used to balance the flavours and add a touch of sweetness.
  • Acids: Acids are used to provide tanginess and brightness to the mocktail. Citrus juices (such as lemon or lime juice) and vinegars (such as apple cider vinegar) are common acidic ingredients.
  • Garnishes: Garnishes are the finishing touch that adds visual appeal as well as aroma and texture to the mocktail. Citrus slices, fresh herbs, edible flowers, fruit wedges, and even colourful straws can be included.

Can kids drink mocktail?

Yes, kids can drink mocktails. Mocktails are meant to be non-alcoholic drinks, so people of all ages, including children, can enjoy them.

Thank you for reading our mocktail recipe collection. Please give it a try whenever you host gatherings or parties at your house. And feel free to contact us if you have queries. In the space below, you may leave comments. We’ll do our best to respond to you right away.Your feedback is much appreciated.

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